Gramma’s Hug

© Carolyn Macpherson/tnbt

© Carolyn Macpherson/tnbt

© Carolyn Macpherson/tnbt

© Carolyn Macpherson/tnbt


I come to list this pattern, and realize… I don’t know what to say. This shawl was born out of grief. Conceived and knit within 48 hours, it truly opened my eyes to knitting as therapy.

Years and years ago, my Gramma suffered a devastating stroke. It shattered everyone, cause I honestly think until then we all truly believed she was indestructible. She was this amazing woman who did so much for all of us and had lived through so many trials. I knit her a shawl, when she moved into a care home. She treasured it! After Gramma’s death this summer, someone thought to send that shawl back to me. I had always meant to make her another, and never did do it. So. I finally did.

I frantically searched for yarn in as close to her favourite, “Wedgwood Blue” as I could. Then thought about her and what she always wanted. Something to keep the wind off her whole back. Something simple, yet with a smidgen of lady-like elegance. Something you could sit on the garden swing in and have a snuggle with a cherished grand-baby.

So here you go. For you, in my Gramma’s memory. Free forever. I hope you can find in it some joy, strength and peace. Cause no matter who you are, some days just can’t be fixed without a hug from your Gramma.

* Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Superwash Bulky,
shown in “Fjord Heather”

* US 11 / 8mm

* 12 sts & 12 rows = 4 inches / 10cm

Finished Dimensions
* 42” / 106.6cm deep and 58” / 147.3cm wingspan, after blocking


  • garter tab cast on
  • intermediate lace motif (yo, k2tog, p2tog, p2togtbl, ssk, sp2p)
  • patterning on right and wrong sides
  • 2-row bind off


Price: Free!
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