Category: Feet

No Place Like Home

Once upon a lifetime ago, both my Grandmother and Mother would often tell me how every girl, no matter her age, always needed her own pair of ruby slippers.


Hiking, camping, heading north or out at market, these socks are thick and cozy. Singing with nostalgia, they beg to be worn curled up on drizzly days by a crackling fire.


There’s a special time of day, with a special kind of light. Many photographers call it “The Golden Hour”. The hour after sunrise, the hour before sunset. Things seem to slow down, become still – people and things around us just seem to glow and radiate warmth.


A pinch of fun. A smidgen of whimsy. A dash or two of colour. Finally? A whack ton of sass! What more do you need for a playful day out or in.