Carolyn Macpherson Knit Designer Bio PicCarolyn Macpherson believes thoroughly, that despite how horrible things may be, there isn’t a single day that doesn’t dawn. Where the Universe doesn’t present you with something beautiful. It’s up to us to find it and appreciate it for what they are. Gifts. Hope.

Always be searching for the next beautiful thing. Be it a Georgian sunrise. The scent of baking early in the morning. A surprise detail in the petals of a flower. The moon reflected in gently lapping waves. A friends laugh. Wet roads reflecting headlamps. Or simply admiring a gloriously squooshy skein of yarn.

Carolyn’s designs contain winks and nods to popular culture, yet sill retain classic sensibility and plenty of influences from the world around her. Never be surprised to pick up on random movie quotes, sarcasm or wry wit.

Carolyn currently works out of Central Ontario, Canada, where an adorable Shih-Poo keeps her lap toasty and two boys (and the man) test the limits of her sanity.